Contract: What Lurks in Wheat is a witcher contract that can be picked up at the [Cunny of the Goose] in [Southern Novigrad]. It can only be completed by Letho of Gulet.
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What Lurks in Wheat
Looking for someone who can take care of my business. I'm expecting all the time for my merchant who can reward me with some wheat to make money, but when I can see him, he straight-up runs away on his horse, galloping throughout the valleys.
This seems strange to me, so I ask you all here if you'll give a helping hand. This is a must!
- Lucian le Foix

Journal EntryEdit

It was indeed a sunny day in Southern Novigrad. Letho enjoyed that vibe as much as he could, until he found a contract from someone who could probably be from Lucian's Windmill. And right, it was Lucian le Foix's steward who guarded the fortress like it might be made out of sugar to just melt in the rain.

Steward told Letho that he was not the author of contract, but his master. Twas not much of a hard ride to Oxenfurt as Lucian indeed was famous there due to his popularity of his designs. Le foix said about some bandits lurking near his windmill. Since he awaited for a merchant who could give him some more tools, Letho accepted to help the architect, without forgetting about a reward for completing the contract.

After Letho discovered the bandit camp Lucian mentioned about, they all wanted to rush towards our hero, but before that, they were asked about who is sponsoring their plunders. Since these bandits were not that much cold-heatred, they told about a merchant who rides in a hood. One of the bandits described the hood as "shining like dozens of stars in a magical twilight". These words led Letho to think if the merchant Lucian awaited for long is a ghost.

When the dusk hit the Northern Realms like in a one fell swoop, Letho awaited for that merchant with the hood as one of the bandits described. Soon enough, the merchant turned to be a doppler, which was an enough reason to charge towards the monster. Sadly, before Letho could land a killing blow on the victim, that victim just asked for mercy. And so, our hero discussed with the doppler merchant.

If Letho decided to kill the dopplerEdit

The discussion seemed to be useless as Letho straigh-up has slain the doppler. Well, it was not much of a surpire as Witchers do slay every monster they face with. After that, Letho gathered the products Lucian awaited for and gave them to him back. After le Foix discovered that the merchant was a doppler, the architect thanked Letho for slaying the pesky creature, and so he gave the reward he promised for completing the contract.

If Letho decided to not kill the dopplerEdit

It was not natural for Letho to not slay the monster, but this time an exception happened. And so both our hero and the doppler gathered the tools to give them back to Lucian. The architect thanked them both and gave Letho of Gulet the reward he promised.


  • Talk to the contractor.
  • Talk to Lucian le Foix.
  • Talk to the bandits near Lucian's Windmill.
  • Slay the bandits.
  • Await for the merchant in the night.
  • Kill the doppler.
  • Return to Lucian for the reward.