"It's better to wait patiently for seeing your future rather than seeing it directly by prophecy. It's fulfilled with risk."
― Micislas when advising Letho
Micislas Ett Lapsed is a Druid from Garramone. Born about a few days before the second war between Nilfgaardian Empire and Northen Realms, he got cursed by a fortune teller near Velen, turning into a Wyvern. To this day, he hunts for unworthy and gives the loot to indeed Garramone.

Wings UnheardEdit

"While Geralt ventured throughout Dragonslayer's Grotto, he heard some nasty sounds as they spread directly to the Witcher's ears like a fire gone wild. The creature seemed to be a wyvern. With a bronze-colored head with tons of hair on the bottom, grey scales and it-seemed-to-be wings shaped like branches of trees waving to the tune of wyvern's flight, Geralt was not that fulfileed with brave to attack the creature. He has learnt that not every monster must be bad at all."
―In page 64

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntEdit

Micislas can be seen near Dragonslayer's Grotto, laying down on his nest made of branches. He'll ask you to help him catching some Nilfgaardian soldiers walking around Downwarren.

Journal EntryEdit

Micislas was born just a few days before Nilgaardian Empire dared to face against Northen Realms the second time. He was a good child, constisently doing all the task he has been called for. Sometimes he indeed required too much for who has been pleasing for help, but it didn't really make Micislas purified to sadness. Sure, he had not much friends, but if then, they liked Micislas for close friendship they had with.
After about nine years of the mentioned war, Micislas started to pratcice to sonn become a Druid, and with much success he started to revive those who got shredded by the death's utter claws. One of the persons Micislas revived was a fortune teller, and so our Druid wanted to see what lies in his scenario of life.
Unfortunately, after the event with fortune teller, he felt exhausted each step he made, resulting eventually in becoming a Wyvern. That was not Micislas expected for, and so he needed to adapt his new nature of being a straight-forward wyvern of them all. At least he still saved Garramone in his precious mind, so he promised to catch up any invaders and send their loots to his birthplace.
Once he went to lay the eggs inside the nest near Dragonslayer's Grotto, Letho just had to not miss it. Because Micislas was afraid of being slain, he raptured towards the Witcher, grabbing him with the superior claws. It was mainly due to the fact some Nilfgaardian soldiers heard about a Wyvern lurking near Downwarren, and he was sure they hunt for him. And so he asked Letho to help getting these soldiers.

If Letho decided to kill the soldiers

Good thing too that the soldiers were sleeping, for Micislas always wanted to shred them when they'll reach the nest. The rest was needed to be hanging on Letho's arms, and so he decided to slay the soldiers. Seems that soldiers wanted to pary for mercy by telling that they come from Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach's division, and it indeed failed. Smart Letho!

If Letho decided to look for the location soldiers said it might be a location Cahir's in

Good thing too that the soldiers were sleeping, for Micislas always wanted to shred them when they'll reach the nest. The rest was needed to be hanging on Letho's arms, and so he decided to look for Cahir in what seemed to be his actual location for the soldiers. Cahir was not there, but the soldiers were still near Micislas.

-> If Letho kills the soldiers for the mistake they made

Letho felt like somebody wanted to play sirty with him, so he raptured towards the Nilfgaardian Soldiers to let them pay for the mistakes of not daring with the Witcher. Micislas felt save afterwards, so he thanked Letho for that.

-> If Letho gives mercy to the soldiers

The soldiers really though that the plan of tricking Letho was so fulfilled with dozens of fun, but when they got testes for tortures from Letho, it was no longer fun. At least the Witcher gave them some mercy, so they can again come forth and fight for Nilfgaard. Micislas gave the soldiers a wanring to hunt for another Wyvern, not him.


  • The second name of Micislas is a combination of words Ett ("one" from Swedish) and Lapsed ("children" from Estonian).
    • The name of Micislas is originally Mieczysław in Polish and comes form elder Slavic speech.