Crossed Roads is a Secondary Quest avaliable through playing as Letho of Gulet in Witcher 3. In this quest, Letho spots a middle-aged woman that asks him to find one of her friends that went into one of the nearest hills.

Journal EntryEdit

While venturing throughout Ard Skellig, Letho has met a woman sitting near the sign. The woman told about of her friend that wanted to plunder one of the treasure chests near the hills to give some of the trapped inside crowns for the woman, since she was living poorly. Hours passed, and the friend hasn't appreared where he should be. The news led Letho to discover the mystery of woman's friend.

Unfortunately, a Wyvern guarded the treasure the woman mentioned. But that wasn't really much of matter of Letho as he's slain the pesky draconid and delivered the chest back to where it should have been earlier. Inside the treasure, however, there was but a wrinkly scrap of paper, which turned to be a list. It was not much written besides "Mӧt mig i Fyresdal", which led Letho to thinking if someone borrowed the treasure's value earlier than the woman's friend.

And so our hero travelled to Fyresdal for asking people if they know anything about the author of the list. Accidentally, he's spotted a man dressed in white cloak who was in friendship with the author. He gave a new leading tip that mentioned about Kaer Gelen. Letho decided to go there, but since the man was selling herbals, it was sure to buy some and eventually create some Oils to make scavenging Kare Gelen easier.

After dueling with Katakans and Wraiths living inside the ruins, Letho found another treasure chest, but this one what he could expect from that chest near the dead Wyvern - money. Besides that, he heard some kind of echo as it trembled inside the ruins. It whispered about Yustanna's Grotto and some kind of fishing rods, which sounded weird for Letho. If it really could be as he might have expected, the woman's friend was a fisherman and he went for the chest just because he could have been poor too, because selling fish would not've been enough.

When Letho finally went to his target location, he accidentally heard a man's scream. Our hero intended to enter the inside of Yustanna's Grotto, and so he found the fisherman he though about. After being asked, the fisherman explained that he commanded that woman to close her eyes, since he was too afraid to climb the hill as he knew the Wyvern scouts the heigh. And so the ran towards some type of shelter, and he finally found Yustanna's Grotto. Letho taught him to never ascare someone ever, and so they both returned to the woman. Of course, they could have not forgot about the treasure chest Letho found in Kaer Gelen!

After returning to the woman, she has indeed shown her happyness after seeing her friend. The fisherman had to tell the turh, which broke the woman inside. Futhermore, she accepted  the found money and also thanked Letho for finishing this painful action.


  • Talk to the woman.
  • Kill the Wyvern and collect the loot.
  • Go to Fyresdal and ask the Skelligers about the author of the list you've found.
  • Try to ask the man. You'll recognize him by the white cloak.
  • Go to Kaer Gelen and kill the monsters located insinde.
  • Open the treasure.
  • Go to Yustanna's Grotto and talk to the fisherman.
  • Return to the woman.